Backlog mayhem – quick tips to get you organised.

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When we get behind then we delay getting back to people, then it becomes harder to make that call, because what can we say? Sorry I got behind, everything is getting on top of me, you weren’t a priority for me when you called! Great image! But equally don’t rush that call, or pull together that quick email response if it isn’t the quality of response that it should be, if you don’t answer the question or provide all the information then that can cause damage to your hard earner reputation too.

So how do we deal with the backlog of work? Continue reading “Backlog mayhem – quick tips to get you organised.” »

Chakras – A colourful mystery or an important part of our wellbeing?

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The chakras or energy centres sit along the line of the spine from the base of the spine to the very top of the head. A colourful mystery that when examined more closely sits with the central nervous systems and in line with major organs in our bodies. They also sit where many of us say we feel our emotions in the different situations that we face in our lives. Science may not recognise Chi or the Chakras directly, but there is plenty of evidence that demonstrates how a positive mind and attitude impacts significantly on a person’s every day health and well-being in in some cases their recovery from serious illness. Continue reading “Chakras – A colourful mystery or an important part of our wellbeing?” »

Reiki a beautiful and relaxing therapy

imagesCAS9WI0Y Reiki is a beautiful, relaxing complimentary therapy that helps to lower stress, promote relaxation and for some people reduce some types of pain. It works through the body’s energy systems helping the energy travel more freely, promoting a feeling of wellbeing and positivity over time. It has been around now for nearly a century originating in Japan in 1922, and continuing into the Western world in the late 1930’s. A treatment period is usually between 30 minutes to an hour once per week for 4-6 weeks. Some people continue to ‘top-up’ their treatment every once in a while in the same way as they would a conventional massage, others go on to learn the self-healing aspects of the First Degree Reiki for themselves making it part of their everyday life. By promoting relaxation a lot of tension in the body is released, thus impacting positively on the tensions that we hold inside. It is often these tensions that have caused the pain in the first place, a vicious circle that Reiki is able to break through.

Reiki can be used for the healing of others, but t was originally designed for the self-healing. Today there are many people who practice the art of Reiki for themselves, healing their mind body andspirit through reiki meditations and self healing, If you would like to know more sign up for our newsletter.


The Conversation


Now who would have thought that it would be true
that my ankles could breath and my knees could too.
Now that can’t be true I can hear you saying
as far as I know that’s very strange thinking.
I am sure that the breathing I do for myself
is through my nose and nowhere else.
I’m sure that’s right most people do
but imagine if what I say is true.
If you can use your body to breath in air
to give you energy from your toes to your hair
you would never get short of breath in the day
and your jobs would be done and be twice as fun.
So standing tall with your knees all relaxed
your shoulders back and your eyes tight shut,
Breathe in deeply so your tummy goes fat,
and out again so it goes all flat,
Now this time feel the ends of your toes
and breathe in deeply right up to your nose,
so now you know how it can be done,
so try it again and just have fun.


© Judith Marples

Focus on Your Dream

DSCN0839Having a special dream is wonderful, and if you know it is something that could really come true if you worked hard at it, then you need to spend time thinking about it.Take time each day to dream of the future that you want for you. Your memory is a useful tool but it also has its limitations and one of the things it does not do well is to distinguish between the past, the present and the future. It remembers experience as you see, hear and feel, but it does not know if this is reality or a dream. If someone who has influence over you tells you that you won’t enjoy something or that something is not for you, the chances are your mind will have filed that, and then when something similar raises its head, it will remind you that it is not for you, and yet did you try it? Do you know for definite that you can’t or that you wont enjoy it? Continue reading “Focus on Your Dream” »

Make the choices that are right for you

My Phone March 2013 133Milly ” I like it here”

We spend our lives trying to please all of the people all of the time and life passes us by, and at some point we stop, look back and wonder, what happened, where did life go? This is your life, a gift to you, get hold of it and make the choices that are right for you.This is not about being selfish, not caring or helping those we love, but it is about not living our lives simply to make others happy  when we lose happiness for ourselves. So…..

Choose to smile
wear odd socks
stay in bed
sing out loud
eat egg and chips
miss the bus
read a book
and watch the clouds

Wear clothes that clash
kick autumn leaves
make a difference
love the snow
stay up all night
get married today
and splash in puddles till the break of day.

But most importantly BE YOU!

Judith Marples

(C) JMH Aspirations Lrd